Ok, so I’m sitting at my desk with everything in my mind and how do I put it down on paper?(or the web).  Topics in my mind are, how do I get in the top 50 of brattboyschool?  Would love to be linked to scotty’s blog, would even love to figure out what style writing is me.

Today I visitied the local YMCA, not because I wanted to join, but because I want to facilitate a financial peace university class.  Don’t know what that is?  visit Dave Ramsey and find out.

I’m at a loss of words about my great aunt.  She’s not doing to well, I dont’ have the money to go and visit.  I should not have spent so much on christmas.  Oh well.  My aunt tells me the great aunt isn’t doing well, they can’t find a heart beat at times then there are times it’s only 43 beats, she can’t move her legs.  I fear she won’t make it.  I hope she makes it to next week.  Next weekend is a long weekend for me and I am thinking about driving up there.  I would rather fly, but seeing it will be cheaper, I will drive.

On Tuesday I have an inservice class to attend.  These classes are really short, they keep me from losing my school bus endorsement(must keep that).  Tuesday I am also taking my bus to have some warranty work done.  I hope they get a lot fixed.  So many things I need.  I need to buy books for this semester, save money for summer since I will have no income during june, july or august.  Need to save money for a roof replacement, i’m sure  it’ll last another five years, but hey it’s something I need to plan for.

so much to do, no time to do it in, and no money to do it with.  Such is life.  Have a great day.

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