BBQ or Not?

Hello everyone, yes I know, I should be resting and not out in this cold. However, I just couldn’t resist going out and trying a new restaruant! Jim and Nicks BBQ.

Todd and I went there and the food wasn’t too bad. The place was cramped. We didn’t have to wait for a table either! Now, when we left there was a small waiting list.

Anyhow, we were greeted and sat immediatly at our table. Our server came up took our drink order and we sat there, waiting, waiting, maybe ten minutes. When she came back to our table with our drinks we knew what we wanted and ordered. Our server graciously wrote the order on her tablet and yanked the menus from our table. No “thanks” or “I’ll have your salads out soon” or “I’ll be right back.” Which I thought was a little rude.

Our food came in a decent amount of time and might I just say it was great! I couldn’t eat it all. The salad was awesome, the bread, fantastic, and even the lemonade was fresh or homemade if you will.

So overall, the food was great, the service was ok. Will we go back? Probably. Do I prefer one BBQ place over the other? Absolutely! Famous Daves, and Bar B Cutie, are the first two on my list! If you haven’t tried Jim and Nicks, come to Smyrna and see for yourself!

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