Just A Little About Me

Growing up, I do not remember disrespecting my parents or being very rebellious. A timid person you could say I was. Never did I get into anyones face and be controversial (except sibling rivalry I guess). You could say I was the child that tried to get along with everyone, but nobody really liked.

We grew up in a trailer park with about 100 25 kids in it. Some went to elementary, some middle school and a few high schoolers. There was a bus that came around on Sundays for church and I would often just watch it go by. One sunday, I guess I was 7 or 8, I asked mom if I could go. She said sure.

To make a long story short, I didn’t go very often, I just went when I wanted to be with my friends.

Now, fast forward about 7 years. I have my driver’s license now and keeping the roads very hot. My neighbor friends invited me to go to a service with them. I went, I was hooked! I loved it had a great time, the youth leader at this church was energetic, passionate and very convincing.

I quickly boarded the gospel train and soon we were heading to a retreat in sunny Florida. I never felt such excitment in my life. Of course at 16 the world was just opening up to me. Anyhow, I had heard about Jesus, and the bible and all the religious stuff, I never really got it until this day. During this trip, God spoke! We were all in this room listening to this speaker and having a great time.

After the speaker was finished we were all dismissed. I was about in tears! I went to the side of the building where noone ( so I thought ) would see me. The speaker followed me and led me to Jesus. We said the lords prayer, and I asked Jesus into my heart for the very first time in my life! WHAT A RUSH!

Fast forward to present. Many things have changed since I was 16. I’ll be 32 September 26. Hard to believe 16 years have come and gone. Right now though, I’ll leave you hanging and wanting to know more about me.

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