Sad News

July 10.2006
As the years go by, you tend to get close to people. In my case, children. I do not have any of my own. One of the reasons I do drive a school bus. I enjoy kids. (Most of the time.)

In this case, I have sad news. A family I’ve know for nearly four years have lost their Dad. It’s heart breaking. A small accident on a motorcycle he and his daughter were riding.

Sometime friday night, the family of 5 went to see Pirates of the Carribean. The mom and two kids I guess met at the theatre while the dad and middle child (8) took the motorcycle. On their way home, someone pulled out in front, or sideswiped the motorcycle and seriously injured the dad, and the girl. The two were taken to Stonecrest here in Smyrna, then the dad was lifeflighted to Vanderbilt while the girl was driven to childrens hospital. Sometime yesterday morning, the dad was pronounced dead.

I went to see this girl today, she wasn’t herself. The accident tore at her knee and they had to do surgery on it. She’s on some powerful pain medication.

It”s a quick reminder of how quickly our loved ones can be taken from us. The dad was 34. I’m only 31. That’s really close to home.

Thinking about losing someone that close to you brings memories about my mother. She died April 27,2000. She was only 43.

My thoughts and prayers go out to this family!

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