Vote No to No 1

Do you know that there is an amendment on the november ballots that could/would write discrimination into our states constitution? There is, and it’s suppose to stop gay marriage.

Many people agree that marriage is between a man and a woman. It”s been that way for centuries. Well guess what folks? It”s the 21st century and things are going to change.

Now, I’m not all in favor of this amendment. However, I do know that if this amendment passes, not only could I lose my health insurance, I might possibly lose my right to have children. There are many other reasons this amendment must not pass!

For one, if this amendment passes, it could mean major companies that offer domestic partners insurance to cancel it. Now, not only do same sex partners have this insurance, their are also straght people that are not married but live together, rely on this domestic partners insurance.

Second, there is a strike from our political fortress that says gay people shouldn”t be allowed to adopt children. What’s up with that? There are no factual evidence that homosexuals are less parents than that of heterosexuals. Fact is, heterosexuals are messing up more and more. So many children are in the states care because these heteros don’t want them, or can’t support them.

Why would the state deny a homosexual, single or coupled, to adopt when so many have no home?

I’m pleading and might even campaign for this issue. VOTE NO TO NO 1!‘, ‘Vote No to No 1’

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