What A Weekend!

This last weekend was truly rejuvenating. I will have my cousin Andy to thank for that. After all it was his wedding that got Todd and I out of the house and on something of a vacation.

Todd and I went to Gatlingburgh, along with several other family members from Alabama. What a wonderful time.

It all started out great. School let out early, so we were able to hit the road and get into Pigeon Forge before nightfall. Little did we know that’s how far we would get. Turns out there was a HUGE Hot Rod event going on. Traffic was horrific from the time we left Sevierville till we got to the foothills of the smokey mtns.

We asked a local what was going on and they told us how to get around it. Of course we had already sat in traffic for nearly 3 hours. It was about 9pm before we got into Gatlinburgh.

We ate at Applebees, enjoyed some funnel cakes, enjoyed dinner at an italian eatery named Legends, breakfast was of the fast food kind (aka McD’s)

Our cabin was a three bedroom 3 full bath three level log home. With all the amenities. I thouroughly enjoyed the hot tub and pool tables.

We walked dowtown seems like for hours on end. Visited Ripleys aqurium, haunted house, and this ride called earthquake.

I can not emphasize enough how much Todd and I needed a break. We will definitely make another trip sooner than later.

Here are some picsat the aquarium100_0564.JPGfireplaceBedroom100_0556.JPG

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One Comment on “What A Weekend!”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Traffic aside, it sounds like a great time! We love Gatlinburg!

    Hmm, I wonder if you stayed at the same log homes I stayed at when I went with my family in 1994. It kind of looks like them from the photos, but I’m sure there are dozens, if not hundreds, of places like that to stay in the area.

    Anyway, you certainly picked a good weekend for it.

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