As time goes on, it is clear to me that parents are eager to accuse and less likely to be accountable.

Answer me this. How does a preschooler even know what to do to molest another? Is that preschooler being abused as well? Did someone get mad because they didn’t get their way? All these are questions I’m sure will be asked.

Now, I know this could happen, it is just hard to believe sometimes.

Thanks to Mark for pointing me to this article.

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3 Comments on “Whatever!”

  1. I feel that alot of gay people like ourselfs could raise kids better than some other parents…this is because we are a very loving bunch and very caring bunch

  2. Kathy T. Says:

    Gay or no gay, I agree with Chip. One of my former friends once absolutely freaked out because her daughter in kindergarten was kissed by a little boy also in kindergarten. Come on, freak show. She was a lunatic then, she’s a nutjob now. They are kids. Kids are loving. They like hugs and kisses (isn’t that what we’ve taught them?).

  3. Kathy T. Says:

    And my “freakshow” comment was directed at the former friend. She was socially retarded.

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