Aids Walk Revisited

What a day! The weather was wonderful. The people eager, the entertainment excellent. All these things combined contributed to a great experience.

We got to the walk about 10:30 am. We registered, got our tickets for the pancake breakfast. Amazing! Walked around the event to all the venders and listened to some wonderful music.

The music was performed by “The Respectables”. They were fantastic.

Nashville Cares raised over $160,000 for aids. That’s remarkable!

Thank you all that helped me and my team raise $190.00 You guys rock!

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3 Comments on “Aids Walk Revisited”

  1. M. Says:

    That’s awesome. Good for you. Sorry I missed your bday. I’m bad that way.

  2. Kathy T. Says:

    Good job! I did finally :::give::: online tonight (since I had a payday on Friday).

  3. Nathan Says:

    Woohoo! That’s great! Congrats! Sounds like a great time for a great cause.

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