Fall Break and Education

Is it just me or is it getting cooler? Didn’t think so. That means it must be fall. Yey! This is fall break for the school system, so I’m taking vacation. Vacation from the children that is. It is a little sad that school has been in session for about 7 weeks and most of us in education are already ready for a break. Does that tell you something about our education system?

Once, I thought about going into education. I mean come on who could resist working 10 months out of a year? The “No Child Left Behind” came into life. Now, I’m by no means an expert of this. However, what the use of teaching our children if all we are teaching them is ‘it’s ok to be late on this project’, or ‘you can take the test tomorrow since you have a headache’

Honestly, there are students out there who do not have support at home and really benefit from this system, but the majority do not. They use this as a way to misbehave and just be ungrateful little @#$%

As a bus driver, custodian, or a cafeteria worker, you feel very unappreciated. These are jobs that are hard to do in themselves. They do not have much support and very underpaid. Teachers are also unappreciated.

Which takes me back to the first paragraph about being only 7 weeks into the school year and ready for a break. Brings real attention to the thought why so many teachers are burnt out by there third year of teaching.

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One Comment on “Fall Break and Education”

  1. Kathy T. Says:

    Who wouldn’t appreciate you! Sorry I missed you at the election booth.

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