Let us Talk About This

Reading many blogs and seeing comments made, I’d like to discuss with you who is chip, where did he get that name, does he prefer one over the other? What about his web address, do we call it chipmanor, ChipTalks, or is it Chip Talks.

First I would like to explain where the name “chip” comes from. My grandparents gave me that name as a child. I look just like my dad(Dangerously close anyhow). Hence I am a “chip of the old block.”

It never really bothered me being called “chip” growing up. At least not until I was about 13 I guess. It was then I asked to be called by my real name. Which for those of you that do not know, my real name is Charles Dewayne Thrower. DO NOT EVER CALL ME CHARLES. That is my dad. I sometimes wish now I had never asked to be stopped called chip. I miss my grandparents and those that called me that.

I decided to pick the name back up as I was entering the world wide web. I picked chipmanor because of my nickname and because I originally wanted to host my web server at home. Since back in the day people(especially those well off) would call home the manor, or house of Chip.

As for as how you my dear readers refer to me on the web, I’d love it if you would refer to me as Chip, of ChipTalks or Dewayne of ChipTalks. Please use ChipTalks as your link to my page. it’s all one word with capital “C” and “T”

Sounds a little picky and maybe even OCD. However, I would love it if everyone was unified. Perhaps, I’ll even start signing “chip” as all my comments

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3 Comments on “Let us Talk About This”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Yay! I already do link to you as ChipTalks. I feel like I just earned a gold star, haha

    Thanks for explaining the story 🙂 Good to know.

  2. Chip Says:

    That’s right, you earned a gold star! Thanks!

    Sad thing is, that’s not the original post. I forgot to save it as I navigated away to another page…..Hence I had to start all over. Ughh. I should be use to that by now. LOL

  3. M. Says:

    Not sure but if I incorrectly linked, sorry.

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