Accidents and School Buses

School bus safety this week.  It’s our week.  Yippee.  This year the theme is “I see the driver — The driver sees me.”

Let me clarify this, I only see the student when he is away from the bus.  after that, my eyes are in front and moving on.

A few days ago, a bus ran over a student, who by witness accounts, say he walked away from the bus and then ran back to the bus to give a friend a hi-five. Can we say I-D-I-O-T?  You get off the bus, you don’t look back, you most certainly do not jump to the window to give your friend five.

Anyhow, this student was run over, and then the parent blatantly ran outside drunk and started to accuse the driver.

Luckily for the driver a state trooper was just a few cars behind and seen the whole thing.

Go read the article here 

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2 Comments on “Accidents and School Buses”

  1. Kathy T. Says:

    I saw that and thought the same thing. Idiot. Happy Bus Drivers Week! 🙂

  2. sonia Says:

    Poor Kid. That’s terrible, but it was definately his fault.

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