Early to Vote

Last night I left class about 7:15.  As I started my drive home it hit me what time it was and where I should really go.  I did a U-Turn and went to the fire hall for early voting.  As I approached the site, I could see emergency vehicle lights flashing.  I immediatly thought “someone has had an accident”  Boy was I wrong.  They were just helping us voters get in and out.

I pulled in and the officer directing me told me to park right there.  It was a spot right in front.  SWEET I thought.  Walking up to the door and saw the line.  It didn’t look so bad, then I was told that it goes down the hallway, then down another hallway and back up.  URGHH!  About an hour it took as I stood in line.

As I waited in line I thought I’d see someone I know.  I did. Mr Assistant Principal and Mr. band parent were there.  It’s always good to see people you know, helps pass the time when you’re waiting.

When I got to the voting room, I was overhearing the workers talk about how many people have voted early, and comparing this election to the presidential election.  They said it wasn’t as many as a presidential election but it was a grand turn out.

I voted for those I thought should be in office, I voted based on my values and my beliefs. If you haven’t voted, please make sure you do.

REMEMBER, VOTE NO ON 1.   Amendment one that is!

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One Comment on “Early to Vote”

  1. sonia Says:

    I’m hoping everyone voted early…so those procrastinators (i.e. me) won’t have to wait in line so long Tuesday. heh 🙂

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