Another Gas Gripe

Warning, another rant……/

Ok, I know We’ve talked about this before, but….I’m going to talk about it again!

Wednsday morning gas at the corner of Fergus and Murfreesboro Road was $2.10.  about 4:30 that afternoon it went to $2.15/gallon.

This morning as I left towards Smyrna, gas was still $2.15.
I had to go back home to pick Todd up and gas was $2.15 as I went down Fergus.  Now, just 10 minutes later, the gas price went down to $2.14.

HOW THE FUCK CAN THEY DO THIS?  They have not purchased any new fuel.  They have not recieved a new shipment.  A truck was not nearby.

Now, what if Best Buy, or Jc Penny were to change their prices everytime they had an item in high demand?

I know it’s two totally different markets.  Whatever!  The point is, unless it’s a new shipment of gas at that station, the price should not be allowed to change. PERIOD!

The oil company’s are showing record profits all at our expense.

……./end rant

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