No not me.  A bald eagle.  You know, one of those things that fly and is protected by law?  Yeah, someone shot it last month near Bubbling Springs.

I find myself becoming more and more of an environmentalist.  Or at least taking into consideration the things I do that hurt the earth.

A few things that have me thinking about our environment are:

  1. Our school cafeterias use more paper plates.
  2. Our schools use more paper
  3. Our schools do not recycle.

I know a little about why the schools use so many paper plates.  One, not enough man power, two it’s easier to deal with.

Regardless of the reason, our governments need to realize that eventually, we are going to run out of places to dump our trash.  We really need a way to dispose of our S#$T

And for the sake of those defenseless birds, what did they ever do to you for you to have killed it?  Now remember, I’m not talking birds in general, I’m talking Bald Eagle, you know , the one that’s endangered?

Birds in general crap all over the place, especially a newly washed car.

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One Comment on “Attacked!”

  1. Nathan Says:

    I find myself being more of an environmentalist too. I’m sure Bubba and Skeeter were hanging out in their pick up truck and thought it would be cool to shoot the Eagle.

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