Annoying Phone Calls

This is all to Familiar with me.  Telemarketers are the worst of any annoyances I may know.  Our home number is on the list of Do-Not-Calls.  However, that doesn’t stop the mortgage companies, or those that think they really do have something I need.

However, I’ve found something that seems to work, and the calls have subsided.  Caller ID.  If I do not know the number, the phone does not get answered.  Instead, I hit the end button, which silences the phone.

In turn, I think these sales calls mark something in their computer that says, “Never answers the phone”  Or “Answers and hangs up on us.”

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2 Comments on “Annoying Phone Calls”

  1. Kathy T. Says:

    I read once that the best way to get rid of the calls (since the do not call lists aren’t perfect) is to just ask the person on the other end to “Oops! Could you hold on?” And just set the phone down for an hour or so.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    After five rings (to be safe six) most any telemarketer will hang up and move on to someone else.

    Of course you could alway do what Gunner does and play with them. He told the last person that called his mother’s number that we did not use long distance because it was against our religion. (Apparently we are some version of menonite that does not use long distance, but can use the phone for local calls).

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