Smoking? No Thanks.

Dining out and spending my hard earned money on food is definitely a luxury.  Leaving that establishment smelling like a smoke factory is not!  The Town of Smyrna is considering an ordinance for restaurants to offer a non-smoking section.

This is an excellent idea. I only know of one place that does not offer this.  Toots’.  Toots’ is an excellent place to dine.  I thoroughly the food here.  I sacrifice comfort for the food.

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2 Comments on “Smoking? No Thanks.”

  1. Michael Says:

    I think it’s only a matter of time until a smoking ban on all public places including restaurants, bars, etc. in the state becomes a reality. I know that is high on the list of things that will be debated and discussed in the upcoming legislative term and all you have to do is do a google news search for the phrase “smoking ban” to see how many states have implemented this. Maine is even looking at implementing a smoking ban on people who have kids in cars with them.

  2. Dennis Green Says:

    I agree that going to Toots is a pain because of smoking, but it amazes me that they try to say they are kid friendly and they are “healthy”–Toot’s response to the Smryna ordinance (See – news and events). How naive can you be to claim this is healthy. The food used to be better, and frankly the smoking is not worth it anymore.

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