In My Opinion

Reading the Daily News Journal Online this morning and read an article concerning prayer, religious freedom and the ten commandments taking out of the courthouse here in Rutherford County.

The way I read this particular paragraph seemed very sarcastic and funny.  I wanted to share with you

Scott Broden writes:

“Perhaps we should all exercise our religion freely on the Square. We could all take turns offering prayers. A voodoo priestess could chant one out every now again, and a Rastafarian could light up the next one.”

That little paragraph sums up how I feel.  The ten commandments hanging on a wall in a courthouse seems like history.  I see nothing religious about them just hanging there.

Just like the confederate flag.  Sure it may make some angry, but it’s history, it stands for more than just slavery, or southern ignorance.  To me the flag is stating “we did this, we over came this, let us move forward”

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One Comment on “In My Opinion”

  1. sonia Says:

    I have gotten into many an arguments…nearly FIGHTS…over the confederate flag. IT means more than slavery. Some people just can’t get over that fact.

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