Bus Drivers

It seems as though people believe that we as bus drivers should no everything that’s going on around.  Most of the time we do.  At least, we see what is going on around us.  Now seeing what is going on, and understanding what is happening are two different things.

A driver in Nashville went on with his normal routine and came upon this child that started to get on the bus and then couldn’t.  She told the driver she could not get on the bus that it hurts.  The driver shut the door and went to finish his bus route.

Of course, I do not really think the driver knew what exactly was going on.  As a bus driver myself, I can see why the driver did what he did.  There have been times when I’ve arrived at a bus stop and the child refuses to board, or comes up with an excuse of some kind.

This is my thought, “I have 180 students that need to be picked up.  If you do not get on the bus, I’m leaving you.  It’s cold outside. You are holding me up and letting the other kids freeze that do want to get on.”

Parents, if your child is injured, make sure they can get on the bus.  If you want to blame anyone, blame yourself.

Bus drivers are not always aware of your child’s condition. Therefore, when something happens it isn’t always the drivers fault.

For example, I have a child that rides in the afternoon, had her mother not told me about her seizures, I would not have known.

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One Comment on “Bus Drivers”

  1. Nathan Says:

    I guess parents think “psychic powers” was included in your job description 🙂

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