Phones in the Classroom

Phones in the schools are an issue.  Many students have them these days.  There are many pros and cons to having cell phones.  I for one, do not think they should be allowed in the classroom.

Of course, I would be a fool to think no one is carrying  a phone into the classroom.  Rutherford County’s policy states that student’s are not allowed to have phones on the campus.  However, I wouldn’t mind seeing that changed a little.

If a student wanted to carry a cell phone on campus that would be fine with me.  Although, I would not want them in the classroom. There are too many cons to having a cell phone in the classroom.

For one, text messaging in a classroom is a distraction. Students could also cheat using this form a communication.  Students already have much distraction on school campus and the classroom without adding this issue.  Cell phones can also be a security issue.  A student could easily open a door and keep it unlocked allowing entry to any person. A quick text would tell that person to come on in.
I know many student’s walk to school.  A cell phone is a great way to communicate in case of emergency.  Even though I think student’s should be allowed to have them on school campus, I’m a firm believer they should not be allowed in the classroom.

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