Void of all Emotion

After waking up Thursday at 3 a.m. to find no snow on the ground, I was very dissappointed. The big snow that had been forcast was a wash. All, I could think about for about 45 minutes was who to blame.

I finally fell back asleep expecting to wake up to the alarm clock telling me it’s time to get ready for work. Lo and behold, I woke to my phone ringing. It seemed that south of me did get some snow and my co-worker was calling to tell me we weren’t going to school. YIPPEE!

24 hours later, I had went to bed with no expections. The forcast was for more snow, but as you suspect, I did not believe. A couple of inches had fallen on Friday. A great day off I had planned.

Now here it is, Sunday morning. The forcast was for another shot of snow. Did I beleive them? No. I got out of bed and as my every Sunday goes, I put on my house shoes and went to get the paper. Boy did I get a surprise when I opened the door. Another dusting we had received!

Now, I do not think I’m going to get my hopes up for quite some time. Hince the title, “Void of all Emotion.” When the weather calls for snow, I’m just going to go to bed hoping, but not expecting.

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