He’s Doing What?

Last night our dear Governor delivered his State of the State address.  Although I did not hear it all, I’ve heard a few things.  One of those being that Governor Bredeson wants to use lottory funds to help secure construction loans for new schools, and more pre-k education.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for education.  That’s where I work.  However, that is what is wrong with our state.  When we budget money for a project, especially if a new tax was added for that particular project, that money should stay in that area.  Instead, I see our government moving it around the next year.

Now, I have never seen our state budget.  It just seems to me that if you want to fund things the money should already be there, you should not be moving money around.

I would much rather see the lottory money being extended to those individuals who want an education but can’t afford it.  A sinlges scholarship, or those of thirty scholarship.  Maybe naming it “A second chance” scholarship.

Just my opinion.

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