Awesome Game

Last night Todd and I headed to the predators game.  The GEC was packed!  there were just a few seats empty.  I think they were actually sold out.  Perhaps the weather kept some away.

We sat in Section 104, row gg, seats 7, and 8.  I couldn’t believe what good seats we had.  I’ve forgotten what a good hockey game was like.  It’s been a few years since I’ve been.

Anyhow despite the rain we went and the preds won against the Red Wings in overtime.  The final Score was 4-3.  Go Predators!

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One Comment on “Awesome Game”

  1. model Says:

    i just wanted to sat thank for the post you did about forcing our lifestyle down others throats. and please forgive any and all typos, i have been up waiting to hear about my brother who just got gay bashed and wondering how i, the eldest and gay, am going to tell mom.

    i basically just wanted to say its nice to know i am not alone in the way i think.

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