How Does it Change

Every month our bills come like the clock changes minutes.  Every month the bills are paid.  How is it that the same services at the same price have a different tax every month?  Sure it may only differ by one or two cents each time, but hell, how can I write a check ahead of time if the amounts are different?

Sure, some months only have 30 days, others have 31, and one month only has 28.  Does that one day make a difference?  I say it shouldn’t!  Just give me the same damn amount every time every month!

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One Comment on “How Does it Change”

  1. HB Says:

    Who knows… I think companies are always finding ways to get extra money out of you. Just like those subscriptions that last 30 days… instead of just billing on the same day every month.. every month the date changes 😦

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