When We Were Young

When we were kids, we had this place called the mile track.  the mile track was a forest with what looked like some kind of mud track that circled the forest.  My friends and I would venture into the “fifth demension” as it seemed.  We always pretended we were cowboys or some kind of astronauts on an exploration mission to another planet.The mile track was a cool place for “us guys” to hang out. We had built this really big clubhouse. Our clubhouse was made out of the trees and pine needles around.  We had us an old couch, a full size bed and a little mirror.  Me and a friend would always go out and hang until the rest of the gang got there.  We hid our porn, condoms and other non mentionable stuff out here.

None of the adults could ever find us.  They were to scared to venture into our “fifth dimension.” Till one day.

I heard my mom calling from a distance. I knew she was lurking into my world.  I jumped out fo our clubhouse and went to find her.  I knew that if she found us in our world, we would be in trouble (porn, fire, other non mentionable).

I found her and we had to go to grandmas house.  It was then I knew something was not right.

You see the day was cold and the wind was blowing hard.  The sun was brightly shining but we were really cold in our club.

The guys had found some matches and we had us a nice warm blaze going.  the gang and fire was still going when I left with my mother.  My mom and I were gone for maybe three hours.

When I returned, I headed back to the mile track and caught the gang coming out.  I noticed a weird look on their faces.  I asked what was wrong but they could not answer me.  It was then that I noticed smoke coming out of the roof through the treetops.  Suddenly I realized what that feeling was I had felt before I left for grandmas.

You see the blaze we had going got caught in an updraft inside our club and caught the club on fire.  the guys tried to put it out but soon had to abandon the club to save their lives.  They had managed flee before authorities got there.

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One Comment on “When We Were Young”

  1. Kathy T. Says:

    Crap! We had a club in the pine woods near our house in Arkansas. We didn’t have anything fancy like a couch, but sure enjoyed the circle of trees that hid us and the soft floor. Glad to hear everyone made it out okay in your fort.

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