My good friend Nathan posted about his grandmother and negativity and asks the question whether or not attitude, be it positive or negative, could change the outcome.

I have think that positive attitudes do wonders for a person.  Not just the person, but his family, friends, and people that come i come in contact with.

I’ve been in a really bitter mood lately.  First I thought it was just my time of the month.  Second, I’ve not felt like posting anything.  Finally, it seemed as though I only cared about myself.  But after talking to my pal Ivy, I realized where my attitude was.

After realizing this and thinking about how good life really is, I’ve lost a few pounds and knowing that there are people worst off than me, I’ve immediately felt better.

Now, I feel chip per 🙂

So in closing,  a positive attitude definitely does wonders.

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One Comment on “Positivity”

  1. Nathan Says:

    I’m sorry I’m just now reading this post. I’ve been a lazy blogger this week.

    Interesting that you would say you’ve been in a bad mood lately and only cared about yourself. I’ve felt the same way. Maybe we both have our periods at the end of the month?

    Anyway, I’m so glad you feel better now. Have a great weekend sweetie 🙂

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