Finished, end of the line for at least 60 days.  Then it’s back to the grind.  What am I talking about?  School is out of course.  YIPPEE!

Today was one of those goofy two hour school days.  You take’em in leave them for two hours and go back and pick them up.  What a waste!  Well anyway, we were suppose to get the kids at 9:30 a.m.  Do you know what time RWS let us have them?  9:40.  Ten freaking minutes late!  Other schools dismissed way early, fifteen minutes early!  Why can’t they give us our kids on time?

Oh wait, let me tell you about this last full day of school, which was Friday, May 25.  Just before we pulled out of the school parking lot, I had a fight on my bus.  I took them off the bus and to the principal.  I asked her to take the kids off and call their parents, I wasn’t putting up with this.  Now these kids I’ve already written up for fighting so this is their second fight on my bus.  Guess what?  She said “Since it’s Friday, I’m not going to do that.  Can we put one in the front of the bus and one in the back?

Grrr!  First of all, it’s a privilege to  ride the bus, second it’s a bigger privilege to ride in the back.

I tell you I am good to this school and I felt totally disrespected.

Next year, Look out!

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3 Comments on “Done!”

  1. Ginger Says:

    waah! I’m jealous. I need 60 days off. 😦

  2. Nathan Says:

    School’s out! Yay!

    That sucks that you were disrespected. Sorry to hear that. But it’s summer time now, so enjoy!

  3. HB Says:

    Aww you poor guy… well, at least you only have them for a ride home… imagine having to teach them heheh 🙂

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