Time To Catch Up

As most of you know, I’ve been away for quite sometime.  Most of you know where I’ve been and some of you do not.  So lets start from the end of the school year shall we?

Summer school started and I drove from June 7th to the 28th.  Then my great aunt passed away.  The week of the fourth of July was busy, I had most of my family came to visit.  We had a really good time.

My uncle helped me get started on extending my utility room, we went to see Transformers, and all the cousins went to Kentucky Kingdom (yes we came back with all of our limbs attached)

Everyone left on that Friday, and early Saturday morning, Todd and I left to go to Gulf Shores, AL for a whole week. (that’s a whole other post, see pictures)

When we got back, it was time for me to hit the computer and do some data entry.  This week was our 15th annual Music City Invitational Bowling tournament.  I was responsible for all the data entry, making badges, and printing all the lane assignments.  Thank goodness for committee!  They all pitched in and helped with an excellent weekend.  We ended with a boat ride on the Music City Queen complete with a round trip banquet to downtown Nashville.

My Regents Online classes started June 4th and it’s a good thing I didn’t take 15 hours this summer like I wanted.  I only took two and I’m three weeks behind. LOL

That’s how my summer has been.  Any questions?

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One Comment on “Time To Catch Up”

  1. mark Says:

    chip we would love to host the next music city tourn. if you guys would be interested. as you kno we have 52 lanes and the owners said it was ok to try to get some gay and lesbian groups in thier so let me know if you guys are interested and maybe we can work out a great deal for you….it was nice to see you today at the bloggers meeting. glad you had a good summer and hope to see more of you in the next few months. toodles!!!

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