Day 1 Travel Part 2

So we left off last night where we were getting ready to board the plane to Chicago.  I was privileged enough(really it was cursed but,) to get a preboarding pass thanks to my leg being in the boot.  They called for preboarding, told me to stand in the hall(which was something I was trying not to have to do) I ended up staying for more than 10 minutes. URgghh!

Todd wanted a window seat so I told him I would try.  I was so tired by the time I got onboard I picked the very first seat.   This older lady wanted to sit with us, so I let her sit next to the window, Todd sat in the middle, and I sat on the aisle side.  Can I just say that the very first seat has the most leg room?  Yeah!  It really does.  There were two windows where we sat, so Todd got to look out one, while the older lady sat next to the other.

The plane ride was VERY bumpy.  There was so much turbulence that the flight attendants didn’t even get to move around. Wow what a ride.

We landed in Chicago on time (730pm) Made it toward the baggage claim and slowly waited on our luggage to appear.  about 20 minutes later we had three bags.  We were still waiting for the last one an hour and half later.  We decided to go and talk to the baggage people.  They said if they found it they would deliver it to us here in Milwaukee.

As we left, I looked over at the next carasoul, and guess what I saw?  That’s right, the other bag.  How in the hell did one bag make it over to the other side?  Beyond me I say.  Anyhow, we got it and didn’t have to wait.  After all, it had all of my personal items in it.

We got the rental car and headed north.  We are now in Milwaukee and very well rested.  Did I mention the rental car is a brand new 2008 ford fusion.  Yeah, awesome car!  It has Sirius satilite radio, bluetooth enabled also.  So cool.  Oh, I can also hook my Ipod up to the radio.  You know I’m in heaven, all these new gadgets to play with.

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2 Comments on “Day 1 Travel Part 2”

  1. jj ace Says:

    Let me know how Ironwood weather is when you are there. thinking about skiing.

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