Day 2 Milwaukee

It’s been an exciting trip so far. After we landed in Chicago and waited for what seemed like forever for one luggage bag, we got the rental car and headed north to Richfield, WI. This is where we will stay until we leave Saturday morning.

Todd’s cousin had to work a half day on friday, so when we awoke, the house was ours. We awoke to knuckles on the floor next to us. Knuckles is a huge black lab. WOW! when I say huge, I mean he is a BIG OL DOG! Knucks like to have attention and play.

We headed for the town for most of the day. Our first stop was Wendy’s. Since it was about 1030 a.m. we weren’t getting breakfast and wendy’s sounded good. Boy was it! As the fog lifted a bit while we were eating, there it was. A big red circle with a dot in the center. TARGET, we found it. We spent an hour or so in there. After all, we still had a few gifts to buy. 🙂

Thankfully enough, Target has those electric wheelchairs. Have I mentioned how much fun those things are? Well they are. Then we headed over to Brookfield Mall. They did not have electric wheelchairs, but they did have the traditional ones so Todd got to push me around.

For the last few hours of day 2 we had dinner with the family at a mexican restaurant. YUMMY! I met many of the cousins from this area. The oldest and his girlfriend wanted to take us and show us some of the gay scene here. We went to a club called Kruz. If I were to compare this bar to one in Nashville, I’d say it was a tribe, trax kind of mix. All this place needed was a dance floor. Dancing could have easily enhanced the mood last night.

After we left Kruz, we went to a straight bar where the rest of the family had gathered. It was a lively place. Very friendly too.j

We finally got back to the house and in bed just before midnight.  When our eyes pop open and feet hit the ground it’ll be a six hour trip north to Ironwood.

I’ll be blogging from the road.

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