Ever Watch HGTV?

There’s a show I really like on HGTV.  The show is called Redesign.  That’s what I need.  I really need a redesigned site.  I am not happy with any of the themes wordpress offers.

I’m not much of a designer.  I can come up with an idea one day and then the next, an entirely different idea. What can I say?  I like change.

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3 Comments on “Ever Watch HGTV?”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Redesigns are fun, and so is watching HGTV!

    I had to giggle at this post. I’ve never seen someone change themes as often as you do. hehe

    Oh well, I feel your pain. I like change too 🙂

  2. Kathy T. Says:

    I like this design you have now!

  3. chip Says:

    Laughter is always good. 🙂 I like the header 🙂

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