Attention Men

When was the last time you had a hair cut and watched sports at the same time?  Do you like getting a hair cut while smelling the wonderful smell of a womans’ perm?  How about the fruity smells of all the shampoo?

Well, I have news.  There’s a new salon out that’s just for men! That’s right guys, just for men.  This place was awesome!  At first I was a little uncomfortable.  Then I relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

Started out with a little conversation about me and what I like.  She cut my hair, washed my hair, and massaged my scalp.  Next she put a hot towel over my face and gave me a facial massage.  We then returned to her chair where she took a massager to my shoulders and neck.

All this done while watching sports.  🙂  Now, I’m not a big fanatic on sports, but I needed a haircut and decided to stop by.  It was a great experience.

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