Keeping My Mouth Shut Too Long

First of all, If you have never been a bus driver, then you have no idea what goes on.  Make your accusations, make you assumptions, blame who you want to blame.  The fact of the matter is, One adult, 60-90 students.  Number one priority for a bus driver is the safety of the bus and it’s passengers, meaning that 90% of the time the drivers’ eyes should be on the road.

The other 10% is rotating from left to right or right to left, looking from mirror to mirror.  These kids are not stupid, they know when the driver is looking in that mirror!

I say this from experience, I drive a bus!  Did you know that if a fight breaks out on a bus that we as drivers are not to intervene?  We are not suppose to touch the students.  Policy is get on the radio and get some help.

Many times, the kids are screaming and yelling, and you ask them to be quiet, repeatedly!  Then you scream SHUT UP! Then the bus is quiet for the rest of the ride.  Did you know we aren’t suppose to say shut up to these kids?  Why not?  It works.

As I am driving, my focus is on the road, when the kids make a sudden noise, or something “out of the ordinary” I look up.  If I see something, I take care of it.  If I don’t, I take it someone was horseing around, and I carry on about my business.

I have four schools I drive.  Two runs at the same elementary schools, one middle and one High.  On my elementary run, I have the older kids on one side, the younger ones on the other.  On the middle and High runs, I have boys on one side and girls on the other.  I’ve been doing this for a few years now for the middle school.  I recently started this with the high school.

There are a hundred things that go on during a bus route.  The driver can not see everything regardless of that big mirror in front of him.

I do not know all the facts of what happened on February 20th on that bus in Murfreesboro, I do know the driver of that bus, I do know what he has told me, and hearing what he has to say and reading the news stories, I think he did exactly what he was suppose to.

People are wanting to blame the driver.  They are wanting answers.  Before the blame game starts being played, the facts need to be in order.

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3 Comments on “Keeping My Mouth Shut Too Long”

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  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m glad to see in all the articles that I have read that it is clearly stated that he handled the situation correctly. I can’t help but think though that it has bothered him. There is only so much one adult can do with a bus full of adult-sized children.

  3. […] have a good friend who is a school bus driver for the school system, and I respect his educated opinion on the matter, as he walks in those shoes […]

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