What To Do Now

Is it just me, or does it seem like WKRN is making a fast withdrawal? First we have our favorite blogger get trampled on by relentless comments, then the then boss leaves the company, and now the new person wants to do away with the weekend morning newscast

Now, over at VV, they are letting him go because of the almighty dollar? What’s next?  Will they can the whole Nashvillewx.com thing to?

Maybe I am blind, or maybe my loyalties aren’t where they should be. When I moved to Nashville ten years ago, my tv was always on channel 5 news. They always seemed to have the best technology, the best personalities, the best of everything. The one thing they didn’t have, or at least I didn’t see it, was a sense of belonging to the community. I never really felt the community was covered well.

Then the personalities changed and I didn’t like it. So flipped through the locals channel 4 and 2. Thought maybe one of them had something the other didn’t. I landed on channel two and learned they were launching the first full time blogger to run NiT.

That was it, I was hooked afterall, how cool is that? A news channel with a blog? Simply unheard of.

My tv is now in search of the next local channel to stay in tuned too.

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