Sitting and Waiting

How’s it going people? I’m not sure who all reads anymore.  I rarely have anything to write about.  Well, that isn’t true.  I usually think of plenty to write about.  During the day when I can’t write.  So when i get home I never can think of those really good things to tell ya.

Some of you know, I’ve started a part time job at Red Robin.  It’s a bit stressful working 40 hours and then 20 or so at the store.  I can handle it though.  It’s only part time, I keep telling myself.

Tonight, was our opening.  It went pretty smooth as far as I can tell.  Wish i was a server though.  I fucking hate wearing a hat.  I’m not in the kitchen cooking, I’m making sure the food is right before it goes out to the guests.

I’m thinking I’m taking two weeks of vacation here soon.  I really want to go to Six Flags.  Anyone want to go?

So as far as updating, I’ll try harder to at least write once a week.  Is that cool?

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3 Comments on “Sitting and Waiting”

  1. Kathy T. Says:

    I read you through Google Reader… I check the reader every two or three days and catch up. Good luck with the new job. Thinking about you!

  2. badbadivy Says:

    Red Robin, YUM!!

  3. gunner Says:

    I’m glad you still post.

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