Can’t Catch A Break

Of all the times I stop at this place, I didn’t tonight.  Of all the times, who is sitting there waiting for me?  La Vergne Police, that’s who.

That’s right folks, your favorite bus driver just got his first ticket in over 7 years.  The officer was very nice, seemed a bit nervous.  It could have been her first day on the job, not sure.

You know, I really think our police officers do a wonderful job, I really think they don’t get the respect they deserve. Honestly!  I admit, I did not stop completely.  However, I did not just flat out run the stop sign.  I almost stopped, that should account for something.

Hell, it should have at lease counted as a warning.  The officer could have just said, “sir, this is just a warning” “please stop, completely, then turn” but no, it is going to cost me $95.00 @$#$%#$  Of course, I have no money, it’s summertime and money is tight until that first bus check………


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2 Comments on “Can’t Catch A Break”

  1. Kathy T. Says:

    Oh man. I’m sorry. I strongly believe one of my tickets only warranted a warning and the second ticket was BS (a lie). There’s no fighting them, though.

  2. Dominic Says:

    Sorry to hear about the ticket. I recently got one for being on my cell – I have a hands free and ALWAYS wear it, but for the 1 minute I answered a call while looking for my hands free – there was a cop sitting right there.

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