Let Me Just Say This

It feels good today to know Alabama is now ranked number 2.  LSU is underneath them by one.  They are number 3.  My fellow blogger Brett is a HUGE LSU fan.  I bet he isn’t liking the fact that LSU is below Alabama.  🙂

Yes, indeed, I am bragging a bit.  Who wouldn’t though? Alabama hasn’t been this good in quite some time.  I’m thinking that Alabama and the Tennessee Titans are going to go all the way this year!

Of course, I could be counting my chickens before they hatch.  It’s fun though.

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4 Comments on “Let Me Just Say This”

  1. brettcajun Says:

    You didn’t think I would read this?!?!? HMPFH! While it is true that Alafuckingbama is #2 in the AP poll and magically leapfrogged LSU, they are #4 in the USA Today Poll behind LSU, which is #2.

    All I can say is… BEWARE of Kentucky! They upset #1 LSU in triple OT last year. They can do it again. I hope the Alabama players are not too confident.

    I am not worried about Bama being #2. It will be PURE HELL when Alabama comes to Tiger Stadium on November 8th.

  2. Chip Says:

    Actually, I was thinking you didn’t visit me enough. I had to find a way to bring some attention to myself. What better way than some football rivalry? When Alabama visits Tiger Stadium on November 8th. I’ll be sitting in front of my tv searching the stans for you. 🙂 unless of course you are out tailgating and well uh, you know what happened last year.

  3. Buffy Says:

    I think you should blog about how great Hal Sparks is. 😉

  4. Buffy Says:

    Oh…and just to stay on topic..Let me just say this…GO VANDY!! Come on, ya gotta be proud of them. Where’s UT?? Oh!

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