Phone Calls and Minutes

It is a daily regimen.  Many people use them for business, many for personal, many use them in place of the home phone.

Yes, I am talking about cell phones.

How many of you use them instead of a home phone?  Do you put your number down for everything you sign up for?  Bills, Sweepstakes, etc…?  How about those anonymous calls that come up unavailable or restricted?

I’m sick and tired of my number being dialed and not knowing who is on the other line!

I am not going to answer my cell phone for no number I do not know!  Hello, did you know you are calling me during peak time and using MY precious minutes that I am paying for?  Did you know I have a voicemail box you can leave a message and tell me who you are?

I’ll be more than glad to talk to you if I know who it is.  Otherwise, QUIT HARASSING ME!!!!

How these people get my number I do not know!  I have a home phone and it’s the number I put down for all contact information.


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