We All Got Em

Going through life we meet people, share experiences, and learn to love one another.  Is it wrong to want to share your life with people you care about?

Ok, so here is where I’m going.  We all have friends, acquaintances, family and co-workers right? Don’t we also have those we just tolerate to be around?  Is it wrong to not want to hang with these people?

I myself know that these peoplel tend to just bring me down, so I choose not to spend a whole lot of time trying to understand their drama, or the issues they face.

I like to surround myself with energy, good energy.  It seems to just lift me up when nothing else will.

A blog I just started reading has a group he calles “The Core.” 

I like that, We probably all have this group.  A “core” group we call our friends.

I shouldn’t feel bad for not wanting to socialize with some. I guess it’s the Libra in me.  I always want balance, peace and harmony.  Oh and world peace.

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