Closet Remodel

So back a year ago.  January 18th to be precise, I started to remodel one of my walk-in closets.    I decided to turn it into a small office.  For a year the closet was left unorganized. Here are the before and after photos.  Today, January 2nd, 2015, I finally finished it


10891924_10152695712527800_8652853404990527836_n 10891628_10152695714182800_1197255087277143291_n 10888857_10152695713557800_738085394003237114_n 10888561_10152695712247800_4236139530345201612_n 10888402_10152695714482800_108777020630272180_n 10885356_10152695712087800_303312496661058269_n 10885321_10152695712922800_1171684264283663728_n 10885093_10152695713162800_1402667638853701676_n 10869485_10152695712817800_717854152205638610_o 10805538_10152695714372800_7624855920831668911_n 10628510_10152695713272800_6102894888691479785_n 10403103_10152695714257800_2707172172860269971_n 10393894_10152695712997800_6864678852695388860_n 10382979_10152695714992800_5458178863722052237_n 10338247_10152695713392800_409914166391838517_n 1461319_10152695714672800_4247302096661648932_n 1504950_10152695712142800_3078341472590377532_n

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