Last night, I had the opportunity to partake in a county commissioners monthly meeting.  It was very interesting.  Agenda 1-14-16

In this agenda, was a resolution to be sent to the state legislation. It was the last item on the agenda “Resolution Concerning States Rights”

The room was filled with RED. People wearing red were opponents of this resolution.

My thoughts, was this was a completely waste of time and money.  It makes me think of the Jim Crowe Laws back in the day.  People don’t like change. Change makes people crazy. Change is a good thing.

What I did realize in this meeting, was that there is a bunch of old school elected officials in office making decisions based on things they really don’t know anything about. District 1 Commisioner Doug Shafer talked about the American Care Act, or ACA.  He spoke how it was costing the county $66/person to insure. That the county was having to foot the bill(tax payer) that while this was a federal mandate, the government was in no way giving funds or explanation of how to take care of this.

In the end, the resolution in my eyes, kind of nullified itself.  Asking our legislation to defend our state constitution and the US Constitution.  So in short, our county is sending a resolution to the state to tell them do their job.

I believe it is time for a change!  Old school politics need to go.  We need fresh blood, innovative ideas, people who believe in a forward thinking county.

Here is the link the meeting to their youtube channel


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One Comment on “Waste”

  1. Interesting video Andy, thanks. Although it’s somewhat Utopian -the world “gap” and international politics appear a lot more challenging – the conclusions it comes to are already broadly true. The “plastic paper that can be updated” can’t happen quickly enough, particularly in the context of the enormous workforces of young people in London currently competing to give away mountains of instant waste paper to further the fortunes of – mostly – News International and The Daily Mail and General Trust. An insane waste of human energy and natural resources. Come on http://tropaadet.dk/hubbardstevens9836081830

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