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Quote of the Day

October 21, 2015

“Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Closet Remodel

January 2, 2015

So back a year ago.  January 18th to be precise, I started to remodel one of my walk-in closets.    I decided to turn it into a small office.  For a year the closet was left unorganized. Here are the before and after photos.  Today, January 2nd, 2015, I finally finished it


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August Happiness Challenge

August 23, 2008

Ok, I’ll admit to it, I couldn’t commit.  With that said.  Today, I’m happy because I get to start my next college semester.  🙂  Yippee!  Although the two classes I’ve chosen to take will probably kick my arse!

Wish me luck!

Check This Out

March 20, 2008

Today I was starving.  I was craving Taco Bell.  Imagine that!  Taco Bell in Smyrna seems closer than the one in La Vergne, so that is why I usually go there.  As it would have it, today is another day that I have terrible service there.

When I arrived, I met a friend that was already there and had already placed his order.  He and I talked for well over 20 minutes.  His order arrived and I was left waiting.

After another five minutes or so, one of the employees walked up and got a drink from the soda machine.  Which is fine, but she took a drink on the front line.  For those of you that have ever been in food service know that is a “NO NO”  She disappeared, I peeked around the corner and saw her conversing with another co-worker.  Now keep in mind that I’ve been waiting for almost 30 minutes now.

When she came back in to customer view, she still had her gloves on, she never washed her hands and she rubbed her hands over her clothing.  GROSS!!!!!

It was at this point, I called for a manager.  After demanding a full refund I left telling the other customers I hope they had patience because I had been in line for almost 30 minutes.

I left and went to Mc Donalds.  There I was greeted with a smile and friendly service.  My food was served in less than two minutes.  There were two managers in clear view.  The store was clean and the condiments were all stocked!

It will be a very long time before I visit the Taco Bell in Smyrna.

We Rely To Much

August 6, 2007

……on cars.  That’s right folks, for the most part we all rely on our cars.  We rely on our cars to take us to our jobs, take the kids to school, grocery store, shopping malls, out to dinner etc…..

I went shopping today.  I needed some new shoes.  Everything was great.  I got home and emptied the car did some chores, then remembered I didn’t stop at the grocery.  Damn!

Grap the keys, the wallet, sunglasses headed out the door, turn the ignition and it won’t start.  DAMN! DAMN DAMN!  I sound like bam bam off the Flintstones.

I knew I should have sent AAA the money when they asked me to join.  DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!

You know, back 15 years ago, I could chase down the fuel line, and do a few things to a vehicle.  These days, I’m just lost.  So I called my buddy Joe over at La Vergne Tire Center.  He recommended a wrecker service for me.  They now have my car on it’s way to the shop.  I’m stranded.  I have no way of going.  Good thing I have a few groceries.  But I’m out of milk and eggs damn it!  I really wanted Tacos tonight to, I don’t have any sour cream to go with them.  DAMN!

As you can see, most of us really are dependent on our cars to get us from here to there.

I guess I could drive the bus………. lol

They Truly Are

July 3, 2007

Amazing!  The details, the graphics, the story line, all wrap around the general idea of what generation one did; Total domination and total power.  Optimas prime still stands for freedom.  He did say that “freedom is the right of all sentient beings.”

It took a while for the movie to really get started, they basically filled in the blanks for those that didn’t follow the transformers from the beginning.

It really enveloped my senses.  The movie rocked!  I am looking forward to part II!

More Than Meets the Eye

July 2, 2007

Well, it’s finally here! The day generation one gets to see a live action movie unlike any we’ve seen so far.

What am I talking about? I’m sure you know. Transformers silly! Ticket, check; wallet, check; car, um no not yet. It’s at the mechanic getting some work done. but it’ll be ready after lunch! YIPPEE

I’m so excited, I just keep rambling and rambling…….

More Decorating

April 18, 2007

Todd took the initiative and started painting our living room today.  Wow!  I’m excited it really looks good!



More to come after the second coat.  =)


March 27, 2007

My good friend Nathan posted about his grandmother and negativity and asks the question whether or not attitude, be it positive or negative, could change the outcome.

I have think that positive attitudes do wonders for a person.  Not just the person, but his family, friends, and people that come i come in contact with.

I’ve been in a really bitter mood lately.  First I thought it was just my time of the month.  Second, I’ve not felt like posting anything.  Finally, it seemed as though I only cared about myself.  But after talking to my pal Ivy, I realized where my attitude was.

After realizing this and thinking about how good life really is, I’ve lost a few pounds and knowing that there are people worst off than me, I’ve immediately felt better.

Now, I feel chip per 🙂

So in closing,  a positive attitude definitely does wonders.

A War is Brewing

March 3, 2007

Friday afternoon as I was taking my high school students home, we passed new construction and noticed a new Mexican restaurant.  One student screamed out “Yes! I can walk there”.  Another screamed “We will take over and place American flags everywhere”.  The hispanic student replied “Do that and we’ll shoot you”.

After a few minutes, the Hispanic student swears he heard someone call him a “Mexican Bitch” The student then asked if he could punch the one that said this.  Of course, I did not hear it.  I actually thought they were all just having fun.  Guess I was wrong.

Apparently we haven’t learned our lesson.  All the pain and suffering our parents, grandparents and parents before then went through because of racism or segregation.

Is there an easy solution?  What can we do?  Why must it come to violence?

I must admit, I would like to see english our native language.  Something required to learn to become a citizen.  Of course, I’d like to learn Spanish. On my own terms, not be made to.