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More Decorating

April 18, 2007

Todd took the initiative and started painting our living room today.  Wow!  I’m excited it really looks good!



More to come after the second coat.  =)


March 27, 2007

My good friend Nathan posted about his grandmother and negativity and asks the question whether or not attitude, be it positive or negative, could change the outcome.

I have think that positive attitudes do wonders for a person.  Not just the person, but his family, friends, and people that come i come in contact with.

I’ve been in a really bitter mood lately.  First I thought it was just my time of the month.  Second, I’ve not felt like posting anything.  Finally, it seemed as though I only cared about myself.  But after talking to my pal Ivy, I realized where my attitude was.

After realizing this and thinking about how good life really is, I’ve lost a few pounds and knowing that there are people worst off than me, I’ve immediately felt better.

Now, I feel chip per 🙂

So in closing,  a positive attitude definitely does wonders.

A War is Brewing

March 3, 2007

Friday afternoon as I was taking my high school students home, we passed new construction and noticed a new Mexican restaurant.  One student screamed out “Yes! I can walk there”.  Another screamed “We will take over and place American flags everywhere”.  The hispanic student replied “Do that and we’ll shoot you”.

After a few minutes, the Hispanic student swears he heard someone call him a “Mexican Bitch” The student then asked if he could punch the one that said this.  Of course, I did not hear it.  I actually thought they were all just having fun.  Guess I was wrong.

Apparently we haven’t learned our lesson.  All the pain and suffering our parents, grandparents and parents before then went through because of racism or segregation.

Is there an easy solution?  What can we do?  Why must it come to violence?

I must admit, I would like to see english our native language.  Something required to learn to become a citizen.  Of course, I’d like to learn Spanish. On my own terms, not be made to.

Cars and their Past

November 22, 2006

It’s often mistaken for an interstate.  State Route 840 is definitly one of those roads you have to travel to admire the landscape.  I have to agree with an opinion published in todays’s DNJ.

The writer talks about the abandon cars, or the cars that look like they are on their last legs, and the milestones people and their cars have gone through.

One paragraph really stood out to me, it reminded me of what my mother drove and how our lives were so different then.

“To me, they appear as if testimonies to the hard-scrabble lives so many of our people live. They ask so little, really, if you take the time to look. But, do we, the fortunate, really look, or want to see”

Our family traveled in a 1970 something toyota corolla.  We also owned a chevy chevette.  Those were two cars I will always remember. They always got us from point A, to point B, and back again.  Neither one had a/c and I can often remember the radio blaring because we couldn’t hear for the wind blowing throught the windows.

Anyhow, here’s the link to the article, take a look, it’s a good read.

Just in Case

November 22, 2006

Just in case I forget to write tomorrow.  Happy Turkey day!

There are many days that go by I wonder where I would be if…..  You know those days.  However, I want to tell that those ifs…..would not have me here talking to you today.  I am very Thankful to have met many of you, and very thankful for the life I live today.  Many blessings to each and everyone of you!

Mawmaw, I miss  you!  Mom, I miss you even more!

momanmawma.jpg Happy Thanksgiving!

About Me Part 2

November 11, 2006

Sometimes I wonder where I would be had the Navy allowed me into service. Would I be married with kids, hiding who I really was? Would I come out and be proud, only to be thrown out for being the human god intended?

Yes, that’s right folks, I wanted to be a military man. My uncle was in the navy, he inspires me. Growing up, he was the one person I loved to see visit. Especially during the holidays.

When I would see my uncle, I would run after him with arms wide open. He would pick me up and throw me into the air. He is my inspiration. I aspire to be an uncle in his image.

As I got older, I went to see a navy recruiter. We talked for an hour or so. When we got to the health issues, he asked me if I had asthma. Of course I said yes and there went my chances of enlistment.

But that’s ok. Even though I did not get to serve my country, I feel as though I am doing a good job at being an uncle. I have two wonderful neices, and a fantastic nephew. My pride and joys. They live in Texas and although I do not see them often, they are often in my thoughts.

Sis, if you are reading this, I LOVE YOU and the KIDS.!

Also, a wonderful friend wrote a great piece about me.

Here’s an insert

Chip’s Mom did live long enough to see her first granddaughter, Alexis. Alexis is now 8 and Chip calls her his “Little Giggle Butt.” He has another niece, Erin, who is 3 and is his “Princess.” His “Pride and Joy” is his nephew, Jordan, who is 5. They call him “Uncle Wayne” even though his name is DeWayne. He never corrected them when they dropped the “De” from “Wayne” so Wayne is a special name reserved for those children who are such an important part of his life. Chip doesn’t see them often enough, but they did spend a week with him this past summer. He is hoping to see them over the holidays

Go read it here

Please Vote No on 1

October 17, 2006


Never before have I had such a hard time trying to figure out how to word something. I really find it difficult to express how I feel right now. Health insurance is a big deal for me. I have never really had any, at least not till I met Todd.

You see, Todd works for a company that offers domestic partner insurance. Basically, if you are living with an adult you consider a “life partner” for a period of time. You can be covered under the policy.

Now if this amendment to our constitution is passed. Not only will it be discrimination in our constitution, it could also ultimately make me and those heterosexuals that do not want to get married lose their health coverage.

Here’s an insert from the Vote NO on 1 campaign.

The Tennessee Constitution of 1870 has only been amended a handful of times. It has never been amended to restrict the rights and liberties of the Tennessee people.

The amendment currently under consideration would be the only one that would single out one class of Americans for discrimination by ensuring that same-sex couples would not be granted the equal protections that marriage brings to Tennessee families.

Moreover, the amendment could go even further by stripping same-sex couples of some of the more limited protections they now have, such as access to health insurance for domestic partners and their children.

Neither enshrining discrimination in our Constitution nor stripping thousands of families of basic protections would serve our state’s best interest. The Constitution is supposed to protect and ensure equal treatment for all people. It should not be used to single out a group of people for different treatment.

As long as I can remember, I do not remember ever feeling like I can not do something. I do remember being made fun of as a kid, but that is different.

If this vote passes, I will be like the african american back in the 40’s punished, always looking over my shoulder to see who’s making fun this time, or who’s got the bat to hit me first.

What is it going to be people? Discrimination? Hate crime? I certainly hope not.

Please vote no on 1 on November 7th