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Check This Out

March 20, 2008

Today I was starving.  I was craving Taco Bell.  Imagine that!  Taco Bell in Smyrna seems closer than the one in La Vergne, so that is why I usually go there.  As it would have it, today is another day that I have terrible service there.

When I arrived, I met a friend that was already there and had already placed his order.  He and I talked for well over 20 minutes.  His order arrived and I was left waiting.

After another five minutes or so, one of the employees walked up and got a drink from the soda machine.  Which is fine, but she took a drink on the front line.  For those of you that have ever been in food service know that is a “NO NO”  She disappeared, I peeked around the corner and saw her conversing with another co-worker.  Now keep in mind that I’ve been waiting for almost 30 minutes now.

When she came back in to customer view, she still had her gloves on, she never washed her hands and she rubbed her hands over her clothing.  GROSS!!!!!

It was at this point, I called for a manager.  After demanding a full refund I left telling the other customers I hope they had patience because I had been in line for almost 30 minutes.

I left and went to Mc Donalds.  There I was greeted with a smile and friendly service.  My food was served in less than two minutes.  There were two managers in clear view.  The store was clean and the condiments were all stocked!

It will be a very long time before I visit the Taco Bell in Smyrna.

What To Do Now

March 17, 2008

Is it just me, or does it seem like WKRN is making a fast withdrawal? First we have our favorite blogger get trampled on by relentless comments, then the then boss leaves the company, and now the new person wants to do away with the weekend morning newscast

Now, over at VV, they are letting him go because of the almighty dollar? What’s next?  Will they can the whole thing to?

Maybe I am blind, or maybe my loyalties aren’t where they should be. When I moved to Nashville ten years ago, my tv was always on channel 5 news. They always seemed to have the best technology, the best personalities, the best of everything. The one thing they didn’t have, or at least I didn’t see it, was a sense of belonging to the community. I never really felt the community was covered well.

Then the personalities changed and I didn’t like it. So flipped through the locals channel 4 and 2. Thought maybe one of them had something the other didn’t. I landed on channel two and learned they were launching the first full time blogger to run NiT.

That was it, I was hooked afterall, how cool is that? A news channel with a blog? Simply unheard of.

My tv is now in search of the next local channel to stay in tuned too.

Keeping My Mouth Shut Too Long

February 28, 2008

First of all, If you have never been a bus driver, then you have no idea what goes on.  Make your accusations, make you assumptions, blame who you want to blame.  The fact of the matter is, One adult, 60-90 students.  Number one priority for a bus driver is the safety of the bus and it’s passengers, meaning that 90% of the time the drivers’ eyes should be on the road.

The other 10% is rotating from left to right or right to left, looking from mirror to mirror.  These kids are not stupid, they know when the driver is looking in that mirror!

I say this from experience, I drive a bus!  Did you know that if a fight breaks out on a bus that we as drivers are not to intervene?  We are not suppose to touch the students.  Policy is get on the radio and get some help.

Many times, the kids are screaming and yelling, and you ask them to be quiet, repeatedly!  Then you scream SHUT UP! Then the bus is quiet for the rest of the ride.  Did you know we aren’t suppose to say shut up to these kids?  Why not?  It works.

As I am driving, my focus is on the road, when the kids make a sudden noise, or something “out of the ordinary” I look up.  If I see something, I take care of it.  If I don’t, I take it someone was horseing around, and I carry on about my business.

I have four schools I drive.  Two runs at the same elementary schools, one middle and one High.  On my elementary run, I have the older kids on one side, the younger ones on the other.  On the middle and High runs, I have boys on one side and girls on the other.  I’ve been doing this for a few years now for the middle school.  I recently started this with the high school.

There are a hundred things that go on during a bus route.  The driver can not see everything regardless of that big mirror in front of him.

I do not know all the facts of what happened on February 20th on that bus in Murfreesboro, I do know the driver of that bus, I do know what he has told me, and hearing what he has to say and reading the news stories, I think he did exactly what he was suppose to.

People are wanting to blame the driver.  They are wanting answers.  Before the blame game starts being played, the facts need to be in order.

This and That

February 8, 2008

Just a few weeks ago, I heard a terrible thing, Lucky’s Nashville closed.  Just a few days ago, I read that it was permanent.  This was a wonderful place to hang out.

This morning, I read in Out and About online that the coffee shop next to Outloud bookstore had closed and was going through restructuring.

One more disappointing story I read is about Nashville Pride had decided to change the day of the festival from Saturday to Sunday.  For some reason, they think that being like other cities is good for nashville and that attendance would be more if it were on Sunday.

No Show Snow

February 1, 2008

Wouldn’t that be crappy?  A winter without a decent amount of wet white flakes on the ground.  It is not looking good for us people here in Rutherford County.  It was so strange to wake up this morning to see all the school closings west of us.

Seems as though there is a circle around us.  North of I 40 gets winter weather, south of Murfreesboro, east in the plateau, and west of the williamson county.  That’s our circle.  Maybe, I’ll wake up and see a good dusting on the ground.

I know that is my wish, I know it’s only because I work for the school system and want a three day weekend.  Is anything wrong with that?  Oh well.

Please, o please, let it snow, let it snow……..


January 17, 2008

This morning while getting dressed, I was listening to the news.  While listening, the news anchors were saying something about a bill trying to be passed.  The bill would allow hand guns in areas where alcohol is served.  The bill would say the owner of the gun could not drink alcohol while carrying the gun.

Can I just say how stupid that it!  That’s like handing candy to a baby and telling them not to eat it.  Or giving a young adult a Lamborghini and telling him not to drive it.

If a person goes to a bar, he is probably going to have at least one drink.  That drink could be a soda, but who is to say that soda isn’t going to be spiked?

Guns and alcohol do not mix.  I certainly hope this bill does not pass.

Attention Men

January 12, 2008

When was the last time you had a hair cut and watched sports at the same time?  Do you like getting a hair cut while smelling the wonderful smell of a womans’ perm?  How about the fruity smells of all the shampoo?

Well, I have news.  There’s a new salon out that’s just for men! That’s right guys, just for men.  This place was awesome!  At first I was a little uncomfortable.  Then I relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

Started out with a little conversation about me and what I like.  She cut my hair, washed my hair, and massaged my scalp.  Next she put a hot towel over my face and gave me a facial massage.  We then returned to her chair where she took a massager to my shoulders and neck.

All this done while watching sports.  🙂  Now, I’m not a big fanatic on sports, but I needed a haircut and decided to stop by.  It was a great experience.

Never Thought I Would Say This

December 18, 2007

You’ve seen it on TV, you’ve heard it on the radio.  I called, I got the quote.  Switching my insurance will save me money, not only on my autos, but my home too!

That’s right folks, I am going to save about $800 a year by switching, but not to Geico.  State Farm has my homeowners insurance.  Since my auto policy is up for renewal, I thought I’d let State Farm give me a Quote.  Turns out I’m going to save, save, save!!!

Awesome!  I think I’m switching my auto insurance.

Laid Up

December 12, 2007

It’s always interesting to hear how some people injure themselves.  You see someone you know, on crutches, or a cast on their arm, you ask them what happened.  It’s curiosity that makes us question.

Well this morning I was starting my bus and as I stepped off on the grass, I slipped and fell.  Now, I’m in a boot.  YEY.

You know, I never really envied those kids or adults that had accidents.

Chute Complex Closes

July 29, 2007

This was the last week the Chute Complex was open for business.  The chute was Nashville’s oldest GLBT club.

This was one of the first places I visited when I came out.  The actual first gay bar I visited was The Gaslight Lounge which closed about two years ago.  I remember meeting some very unique individuals here.

Although, The Chute never really made my top list of bars.  It was a great place to hang out with a group of friends.

The Chute, you will be missed.  I wish the best to the owner as he retires and enjoys his new life.