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October 21, 2015

You know there are a ton of subjects that went through my head this week. One was our tax system, another was my weight and exercise work, and television series.

So I think I’ll write about all of the above. 🙂

Let’s start with our tax system.  I’ll keep it breif I promise.  you see, I want to talk about one little peice of it.  The Eearned Income Credit.  Its my understanding that the more kids you have the higher the credit.  So is this the only way it helps? It helps the single parent right? I know I’m a little dumb with a ton of this stuff.  But you know what, I’m a single male! I have a small business.  I pay my taxes.  You know what else? At the end of the year, I still have to pay about $2500.

Now tell me, why is it that because I don’t have kids I still have to pay more than the single mom of 3 that does the same thing I do, makes the same thing I do, and still gets a refund check of about $3000.00? I think that sucks!  That’s just my opinion and how I understand the little bits.