A War is Brewing

Friday afternoon as I was taking my high school students home, we passed new construction and noticed a new Mexican restaurant.  One student screamed out “Yes! I can walk there”.  Another screamed “We will take over and place American flags everywhere”.  The hispanic student replied “Do that and we’ll shoot you”.

After a few minutes, the Hispanic student swears he heard someone call him a “Mexican Bitch” The student then asked if he could punch the one that said this.  Of course, I did not hear it.  I actually thought they were all just having fun.  Guess I was wrong.

Apparently we haven’t learned our lesson.  All the pain and suffering our parents, grandparents and parents before then went through because of racism or segregation.

Is there an easy solution?  What can we do?  Why must it come to violence?

I must admit, I would like to see english our native language.  Something required to learn to become a citizen.  Of course, I’d like to learn Spanish. On my own terms, not be made to.

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